• Combustion & Multiphysics

The fastest CFD Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to Combustion and Multiphysics

Modeling real world problems requires real world solutions. Whether you are evaluating a design or creating a new design from scratch, you want to be sure what you’re predicting is accurate and you don’t want to wait for days to get those precise results.

This is why we’ve developed a CFD solver that is faster than any other on the market. With the patented CPU Booster technology, our solver churns out results 3x to 15x times faster than the competition. 

Let your multiphysics analysis start now, not after hours of tedious set-up, thanks to our robust meshing solution which can handle unclean geometries, with very limited engineering input. Or even go meshless and start solving right away with the latest Lattice Boltzmann technology.

NUMECA assists you in every step, with built-in, world-leading expertise and an engineering environment that accelerates your design flow from initial concept through simulation, analysis and optimization. Applications include sub- and super-sonic external aerodynamics, complex internal flows, conjugate heat transfer, combustion, multiphase flows, cavitation as well as fluid structure interaction.

Customer Stories

See how these industry leaders use NUMECA technology to push their designs closer to perfection, and do it faster:


Product overview

These NUMECA products work together to provide  you a seamless solution for multiphysics and combustion CFD. Choose the technology that fits your application.


Grid Generation

A suite of high-precision meshing tools for structured and unstructured grid generation.

CFD Solutions

The fastest and most accurate integrated solvers for Multiphysics Design.


State-of-the-art multidisciplinary design optimization software.