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NUMECA is your partner in CAE and CFD simulations. Consulting services are an integral part of NUMECA´s technology-based solutions, offering advanced applications in flow engineering.

NUMECA’s engineering services are designed to provide high-quality solutions, targeted to your specific projects and needs. Our consulting team NUMFLO, a subsidiary of NUMECA International, offers high-level expertise for fluid flow analysis, design and optimization, as well as dedicated solutions for fluid/solid multiphysics.


NUMFLO ( is a leading engineering consultancy company in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, used to working with the most demanding large, medium and small manufacturers. They offer:

  • Expertise of more than 10 years in complex fluid simulation and engineering
  • A skilled team of PhD and Master's level engineers in fluid mechanics and physics modeling
  • Access to the latest CFD software developments
  • Extensive computational resources

NUMFLO is certified ISO9001 and EN9100.

Activities cover a wide range of applications: aeronautics, aerospace, turbomachinery, marine, energy, acoustics, environment, etc.

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