• Grid generation solution
    Unlock the power of your solver technology.

Unlock the power of your solver technology

Do you find yourself spending more time on creating your mesh than you do on analyzing and improving your design?

Are you struggling to create the quality mesh you need to get valuable results each and every time?

NUMECA’s grid generation solutions give you access to a suite of high-precision meshing tools for both structured and unstructured grids.

Our entirely automatic multi-block structured environment is today’s reference in turbomachinery, while our fully unstructured hexahedral meshing with hex dominant options handles any geometry you throw at it.

How does 2 minutes sound for a 100 Million cell structured mesh? Or 20 minutes for a full vehicle 1 Billion cell mesh. Really!

Moreover they’re interfaced with all major CFD commercial solvers and supporting direct CAD connectivity to most of the CAD systems. 

Customer stories

See how these industry leaders use NUMECA grid generation technology to make their engineering flow faster while gaining precision.

Product overview

These NUMECA products work together to provide you the best in meshing for your flow simulation. Our meshers are available as standalone or bundled to give you the advantage for all types of applications. Within our OMNIS environment you can easily couple your own flow solver to our meshing technology and take advantage of a highly streamlined workflow.



A fully automatic structured hexahedral grid generator for rotating machinery: complex axial, radial, and mixed-flow configurations.


Generates non-conformal body-fitted full hexahedral unstructured meshes on complex arbitrary geometries.


The latest of NUMECA's unstructured meshing tools designed for meshing complex geometries starting from unclean CAD data.


Combine all of the above in a suite of high-precision meshing tools for both structured and unstructured grids.


Parallel Unstructured Hex Dominant Meshing for complex and/or unclean geometries.