• Turbomachinery solution

Push your turbomachinery design further, and do it faster.

If you’re looking to combine speed and accuracy for your virtual turbomachinery design, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re starting from a blank sheet of paper or already have a concept set up, we’ve designed a toolset encompassing 1D - 3D - Meshing - CFD and Optimization, which are so fast, you’ll be able to run multiple design points and geometry variations, ensuring maximum product performance. How fast: well up to 20x faster than the competition!

Configurations range from multi-stage axial to radial to mixed-flow configurations (compressors, turbines, pumps, fans, propellers or contra-rotating propellers).

We can take into account uncertainties on operating conditions as well as manufacturing uncertainties, allowing you to simulate under real-world conditions and further enhance the reliability of your CFD simulations.

All this combined into one engineering environment, which boasts an unsurpassed ease-of-use thanks to more than 25 years of expertise in rotating machinery.

Customer stories

Learn how these industry leaders use NUMECA technology to push their product envelope and know where the edges are.

Product overview

These products work together to provide you the full turbomachinery workflow: from preliminary design to CFD to optimization. Or you can simply integrate the separate products into your current process.


Grid Generation

A suite of high-precision meshing tools for structured and unstructured grid generation.

CFD Solutions

The fastest and most accurate integrated solvers for turbomachinery design.


State-of-the-art multidisciplinary design optimization software.