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FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™

The powerful CFD Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to Multiphysics





One of the fastest solvers available on the market! And thanks to the add-on CPU-Booster™  technology, speed goes up another 3-5 times, making it undoubtedly the fastest solution today.


Get access to the core of the code, allowing you to adapt and customize a commercial CFD code to your requirements, with an easy-to-use meta programming language via OpenLabs™ technology. Customize turbulence models, add source terms or build completely new models.


Tackle any kind of multiphysics CFD problem with built-in models for free-surface capturing, a range of cavitation models, disperse phase modeling etc. 


Perform fluid-structure analysis any way you want, one-way or two-way strong coupled, thanks to the modal approach module. Simply export the modes from any structural code and get started.

For even more in-depth analysis, NUMECA also offers a fully integrated fluid-structure solution with FINE™/FSI-Oofelie.


A range of non- and pre-mixed combustion models are directly available from the interface for any type of liquid or gas combustion problem. Combine with radiation to get the full physical picture.




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"We massively invested in NUMECA solutions more than 2 years ago, and are very satisfied with the level of precision they provide us.

Dr.Takiguchi, Chief Engineer at Honda Automobile R&D Center





"Masten Space Systems heavily utilized the FINE Suite at HPC scale to design our next-generation reusable satellite launch system. We developed an aerodynamic configuration that hasn't been done before for launch or reentry. First wind tunnel tests confirmed critical aspects of the design, and predictions compared well with measurements." 

Allan Grosvenor, Aerodynamics Lead at Masten Space Systems



Case Studies


Key Features


  • Full Hexahedral Grids (no prism, no tetrahedra, no pyramid)
  • Direct CAD import capabilities
  • CAD manipulation and decomposition tools
  • Mesh wizard for rapid solution set-up and easy back and forth operation
  • Buffer cell and boundary layer insertion for high quality cells in boundary layer regions
  • Automatic refinement procedures based on user defined sensors either next to solid walls or at specified area in the domain
  • Multi domain capabilities allowing the treatment of CHT and multi-part geometry models
  • Full non-matching multi-block connection, allowing multi-row turbomachinery meshing

FINE™/Open flow solver:

  • One single code for all types of fluids (incompressible, low-compressible, condensable and fully compressible) and speed (low speed to hypersonic regime)
  • Acceleration with the CPU-Booster™ module provides 3-5 times gain in convergence speed
  • Embedded fluid structure interaction with the Modal and Flutter Analysis module
  • Multigrid convergence acceleration
  • Multidomain capability
  • Combustion
  • Radiation
  • Lagrangian multiphase
  • Cavitation
  • Multispecies reacting flows
  • Thermodynamics tables and combustion tables generation
  • Python scripting technology



  • OpenLabs™ allows users to customize or add physical models
  • Flexible and user-friendly Graphical User Interface
  • Users don’t need to care about programming details and code structure
  • OpenLabs can be used in a wide variety of industrial and academic applications
  • Identical computing and memory costs compared to source-coded models
  • Free access to all FINE™/Open community


  • Multi-projects and multi-views graphical user interface
  • Python scripting technology