Innovation & Quality

Democratization of the Nonlinear Harmonic method

Understanding the basics of Fourier harmonic modeling applied to turbomachinery unsteady flows.

AutoSeal - From CAD or STL to watertight geometry in little to no time

Discover how easily AutoSeal takes you from CAD or STL files to watertight geometry in little to no time. No more spending days or even weeks filling holes and removing gaps between surfaces, or creating conformal geometries. With examples presented from the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries.

Designing rotating machinery 20x faster!

SIMULATE YOUR ROTATING MACHINERY. FASTER. Learn how to save hours of engineering and CPU time with our streamlined workflow and lightning fast solver technology. We’ll be focusing on a gas radial turbine whose design and analysis is typically complex due to aerodynamic and structural constraints.

Aeronautic Solutions Series Part 1: External Aero

From dealing with complex geometries, requirements of high precision results for both external aerodynamics and engine performance, the combination of various physics (FSI, Acoustics), flight conditions (Sub/Supersonic) etc., CFD in aviation is complex and dynamic, but a key element of the design process. 

Democratizing Marine CFD for maneuvring

NUMECA will share examples of maneuvering simulations that modern marine design teams have used to gain a competitive edge.